Putting pen to pixels for bold outcomes.

Quill & Co. is a boutique web design + digital marketing agency in the heart of West Palm Beach.
And we make digital experiences that look just as good as they perform.

It's a loud world out there. Cut through the noise + clutter and update your business for the new age.

Websites are the new brick and mortar. While your digital experience isn’t physical in the literal sense, a consistent presence across the world wide web is critical in communicating your company’s brand to your audience.
In this new digital era, anyone can gain a world’s worth of information at a moment’s notice – including your potential customers.


Quill & Co. is a boutique digital agency dedicated to translating your business brand into pixels. We identify your audience, craft an experience based on usability and convert leads into sales.

Web Design

Putting pen to pixel to craft a digital landscape
with both user experience and SEO at top-of-mind.

Digital Marketing

Organic Inbound Marketing services to promote your website’s content,
draw in potential customers and convert leads to sales.


Communicate your company's mission with a cohesive
look and feel across all mediums.

"To design is to communicate clearly, by
whatever means you can control or master."

– Milton Glaser

The Process

Streamlining your business goals via
design from start to finish.
01. The Brief
Every good relationship starts with a great conversation.
We’ll establish a clear picture of your company’s situation and needs. We’ll set the timeline, raise awareness toward your goals and search for opportunities.
02. The Research
Sherlock, you've met your match.  
A root investigation is poured into your industry to discover trends and unearth areas for capitalization.
03. The Idea
The only way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.
This is that "creative" part you hear about. It's where we tackle your goals, define your brand and gather the content.
04. The Design
Execute + Deliver
You only get one chance to make a good first impression and we’ll make your company the belle of the ball. We execute the plan and create the materials that bring your small business to life.

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